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Day 1 Workout

The 300 workout was a success today. In other words I actually completed the workout. As you may know, if you know anything about the 3oo workout – it’s tough! Was I actually able to do all the correct weights no but I adapted the program to my current strength and fitness level. Here’s the [...]

Super Supplements for a Tough Workout

I have been a personal trainer for more than 15 years and I stick to a basic and safe supplement regime. I use basic supplements and I only use nutritional products that have been proven safe and healthy for most users. I read the clinical research on most of my products before I buy them [...]

300 workout training

OK- it's official, I'm starting the 300 workout program tomorrow morning based off the movie with Gerard Butler. I looked at the P90X videos in the past and wasn't interested and I even watched the Shaun T Insanity infomercial, but No. I found some info online and this seems to be how it worked.