Needs vs. Wants–that sounds boring, but read on and you will find this years shopping fun Nobody wants to say it, but many people this year are going through financial hard times. The economy is struggling, friends are losing their homes and lay-offs are happening even through the Christmas season, but there are many steps […]

Well, it’s 9 pm and I didn’t make it to the gym (or in this case the garage) today to start the new 300 workout. What can I say I’m a loser for not getting started and missing day one. As a punishment I will post something fun in my blog today instead. What better […]

I have been a personal trainer for more than 15 years and I stick to a basic and safe supplement regime. I use basic supplements and I only use nutritional products that have been proven safe and healthy for most users. I read the clinical research on most of my products before I buy them […]