My FamilyMy wife and her family are professional mom’s and nannies and teachers. They are the safest and possibly the most cautious people I know. They are care takers and enjoy knowing just about everything there is to know about kids, toys, kids toys, safety, strollers, car seats, cribs, road safety and how to pamper mommy. They love mommy care products and will be posting reviews on their top and favorite care products and general products.

The Health of My Family Blog is a place that will post reviews for anything that my family researches and I research every purchase for my family to save money. I am an electronics, technology and gadgets guy that spends most of his time researching the next and the newest gadgets that hit the market. I am crazy about cars, cell phones and electronic technology in general. If it’s new, takes batteries or can be plugged in, you can bet I am researching it from a financial perspective. I’m a finance guy that shops for the best deals. I want good deals and best buys and will show you the top picks on the web and where better to find them than Amazon.

My name is Mark and this is my family’s research blog.


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