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Well, my dream came true. back in 2007 I started for my home Bloggers SEO Tipsbusiness and it has turned into a digital marketing agency. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but it is now successful and as part of my job we do lots of SEO and lots of blog entries because of it. I am not sure how techy my following is on this site, but for the lucky person that finds it here are some tips that will likely help you improve your SEO search rankings. Some Free SEO as it were. With a link to some SEO definitions that will help you understand if I get technical.

Simplified Version

1. Blog often.
2. Write content that is beneficial or helps solve a problem.
3. Link back to an article in every blog entry.
4. Use an image for every blog entry.
5. Use META data on your images and blog entries.

A Little Detail – The basics of SEO website optimization

1. Make your URL extension like the blog title like you see here on this page “seo-for-bloggers-blogging-for-seo”.
2. Make sure your title has an H1 tag and it is identical to the URL of your article.
3. Make sure your title keywords ( SEO for Bloggers, Blogging for SEO ) are in the body text at least once in your article.
4. Make you use the title of your article in the META descriptions.
5. If you have WordPress download the free Yoast plugin to remind you how to do these steps.

More Advanced Website Optimization

1. Create alt tags for your images that have keywords relative to your article ( SEO for Dummies, How To Optimize your blog, Bloggers SEO Tips ), but do not get spammy and copy the same keywords all over. Google is not dumb and neither is their robot that will hopefully crawl your page.
2. Always use alt tags for images, Googles image search is very important.
3. Always have a META Title that matches your article title, META Description with your title in the description somewhere, and use META keywords. They do matter don’t believe the anti-keyword hype.
4. If you have the skills create images that have a message that attracts attention.
5. Don’t use your quirky image messages and titles in your alt tags. Those should be real terms you would like to be found for.

Watch for even more advanced SEO tips and tricks at the Semtrak Free SEO Tools Blog.


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