Skype Nokia and the True Story

Setting the Record Straight: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop about Skype and Nokia

Somehow, decisions were made the spin comments made by Elop at Nokia that he was “blaming” the lack of success of the Lumia platform on MSFT’s ownership of Skype.  This is fertilizer.

In an interview with Elop recently, he clearly told the actual story about how Skype’s integration with Windows Phone is actually an opportunity for carriers rather than a detractor.  What was very clear what that these discussions are quite “advanced”; that this is not a simple knee jerk reaction to someone taking away the networks ability to charge minutes.

Minutes are becoming more and more meaningless to the networks these days.  Applications which drive regular data use are the ones that will ultimately be most interesting to the networks.  They are not hating Skype for iOS and Android I am sure.  If they were, they would get blocked from the phone.

Microsoft is Going to Be Big in Mobile.  Count on it.

Between its WP7, WOA and XBox properties, combined with Skype and only 1 or 2 high quality hardware OEMs, MSFT will make a huge impact on mobile. This doesn’t even account for what can come through its proper integration with Office 365 and Lync in the enterprise. In fact, Lync will probably become Skype at one point or another, at least from a branding perspective.

Nokia is going to bleed some more, but will pull out of their 4G dive. They have excellent industrial design, a very good sense for application development (I have a Lumia 900 and really like their apps) and will be a player in the tablet market as well (how about a WOA tablet that looks like a giant Lumia 900?).

Buy the stock. Or wait, don’t buy it until I am done buying it.

David C.
Actionable Inc. Irvine, CA