300 Workout Record

300 workout video

It has been a while since I posted a workout and even longer since I updated my workout but today I decided I would start creating more regular workouts. A friend of mine has started go into cross fit classes in Washington and has really liked them so I figured since my workouts are similar in design and vary from day to day, so I figured that I would start posting my daily workouts on the blog again. December 15th I started by posting that I was going to start the 300 workout and I can say that the progress from that workout has been phenomenal for my wife and I both. Today I completed the 300 workout in 14 minutes and 32 seconds. What was the secret? 3 days of rest, focused attention and good meal planning.

My workout specifics:

25 – pullups
50 – deadlifts (100 lbs)
50 – push ups
50 – (20 in box jumps)
50 – Windshield wipers supporting 135 lbs (arms locked)
50 – 32 lb kettle bell clean and press’
25 – pull-ups

All in all my best day ever.

total weight lifted – 23,000 lbs + 50 box jumps and 50 windshield wipers
total time – 14:32
my current weight 158 lbs

Try it out, see how you do and leave me a comment. The goal is to do as many or all of the workout with out a break. This was the first time I ever completed it without a break.


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  1. I was introduced to kettle bell exercises by my ex-boyfriend. He’s gone, but I still use the kettlebells ;) they’re amazing for calorie burning. Just wondering if there may be a more practical fat burning and muscle firming (building) exercise around? Btw, love the blog!

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