30 Minute Workout

Monday was a great day and a great workout, after a great workout on Monday I had my worst day ever for the workout today, so for punishment I added a bunch of exercises to the 300 workout to not only make it more difficult but also more complete. If you don’t know much about the 300 workout you can see more at The Daily Workout. It goes through the basic workout and defines all of the exercises and has a 300 workout video to help you understand how to do the exercises (thanks to Men’s Health).

Below is the updated exercises and how to build them into the workout for a total body workout with isolation moves added in. Goal time 30 minutes or less.

50 – pull ups
75 – dead lifts (100 lbs)
50 – push ups
25 – bench presses (135 lbs)
50 – leg extensions (45 lbs)
50 – 20 in box jumps


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  1. That’s a tough workout I tried to do it when they first started publishing it around the time the movie came out. Maybe I will try it again with some muscle milk.

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