Valentine’s Day Plans

Valentines Day is here again and like every guy, we are on the web looking for something to get our wives and girlfriend’s for Valentines Day. So I am here to offer advice as a father and husband of 4 years. It isn’t a lot of experience, but I normally come up with a few things that are inexpensive, but really hit home with the girls.

The 5 Musts for Valentines Day Shopping

1. Take your kids (or someones kids) with you when you go shopping. Kids are really good shopping help for Valentines Day. They don’t care about how much things cost or how simple a gift is and they always choose frivolous gifts that are fun, quick to buy and make someone happy.

2. Bring the camera with you when you go shopping. It will make the trip more fun and it will give you memories to share with your wife or girlfriend after you give her the gifts.

3. Have the kids pick out the card(s) if you aren’t good at finding cards – it’s fun to see how they pick out cards and the mom’s and girlfriends are mush when they hear you took the kids with you. BUY THE CARD EARLY-WRITE IN THE CARD-HAVE THE KIDS WRITE IN THEIR CARDS!

4. Always buy flowers and a vase even if it comes from the local grocery store. A small bunch of flowers is better than no flowers. BUY THE FLOWERS EARLY!

5. Always buy your girl chocolates. Especially if she has a favorite type. Don’t worry if she is on a diet or trying to lose weight. This is a good way to tell her you love her just as she is.

Anything else you do or buy is just icing on the cake. She will love everything else you do after you have followed these simple tips. And one other tip for those of you that are just over-achievers… try this. If you want a different way to get flowers try buying real flowers from the local nursery and plant them with the kids when the wife or girlfriend is not around. When she sees how much effort and thought you put into this Valentines Day, she will not only be impressed she will melt and not believe what you went through.

To take it one step further maybe even consider offering her a visit to a nail salon on tanning salon. What girl doesn’t like to look her best on her date. If you are in the San Diego area a great mobile tanning option is I know the owner and the service is great.


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