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Recipes and Learning to Cook

Sweet and Sour Sauce
Step 1 – introduction to cooking

From what I hear I am a decent cook. My family like it when I cook and my parents in-laws and most other people I cook for seem to like it when I have them over so I thought I would start a little part on my blog for recipes. Really I don’t plan on trying to write an exact recipe I would rather teach a little about cooking, but this is a great book to help getting started making sauces-my favorite meal add-on.

Cooking, if you’ve ever watched Martha Stewart or if you watched the movie “Julie and Julia” about Julia Childs’ isn’t really about recipes. Its about what flavors go together. Like what flavors would go well in a sauce or thinking bigger, what flavors would go together to make a meal.  For me cooking is an art of smells. If you smell something while you are cooking and it smells good it may go well with that meal. To test this out next time you are making spaghettii try smelling Italian seasoning spices. You’ll probably notice that all of them smell good. Now where the testing and learning begins is where you start to understand how much of something to put into a recipe. This is always the part my wife asks me about.

Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

Lets start with a simple favorite item that I make. Sauces. Sauces are easy because they can be made quickly with ingredients you already have in your house and they ads a lot of flavor without adding too many calories. Here is a favorite that will get you started. It works well with chicken, shrimp or as a Chinese food sauce. And I’m not sure if you believe me, but it tastes a lot like McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce.


Peach or Apricot Jam (I prefer smooth, but chunky will work too)

Honey Mustard or any Sweet-Hot Mustard

Terriaki Sauce or Terriaki Marinade

This is the easiest recipe I know.

Put enough jam in a bowl for your meal or dip. Add a squeeze or two of hot mustard depending on how hot you like it. Add Terriaki sauce to taste. If you like your sauce a little sweeter add sugar to taste.

Keep watching here for additional recipes.

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February 10th, 2010

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