Nexus One vs Droid, Pre and iPhone

Okay, I hate jumping on the band wagon for phones and electronics, but I think this the Nexus One is a really great phone. And I definitely like keeping my loyal following up on the latest updates for wireless and electronics. So with that in mind, I would say, watch for it at Walmart (since they carry T-Mobile phones). If you are ready for an update on

Nexus One vs Droid, iPhone, Palm Pre

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your existing cell phone plan or if you just want to upgrade your phone I think this the Nexus One would be a great choice. It comes installed with Google voice which if you don’t have it yet is one of the best inventions that exists to save minutes on your cell phone plan (this means saving money-I like that). Google voice among other things allows you to switch from your cell phone and home phone while

you are walking in and out of your house–Cool! And a bunch of other stuff too. On top of this there are many other great features that come with T-Mobile and Google apps. That gives you about 20,000 apps to choose from from the Android Market (it’s like the app store for iPhone). That isn’t quite as many as the iTunes App Store which is around 93,000 apps now but that is a lot more apps than I will ever use I am sure.

As far as competition, it is yet to be seen which phone will be the best. The iPhone still has the most apps and up to 16 GB of memory the Nexus One is 4 GB. The Nexus (by HTC by-the-way) does boast the longest talk time which is very important to me. I hate the idea of having to go buy an extended life battery just so I can for one day. And yes this is happening a lot more with the new touch screen phones. The big screens take a lot of battery power to run. And another money saving item on this phone is the free wi-fi.

I like being able to sit at B&N and surf the web over coffee. (For me it’s all about the little things in life.) granted, this phone is not the only touch screen phone that has wi-fi, the iPhone, Palm Pre and Motorolla Droid all have wi-fi as well, but most of them have more expensive calling plans. And as usual I am looking to get the most for my money and so I know that T-Mobile in major metropolitan areas is doing great for coverage. They also have a plan for $99.99/mo that is unlimited voice, data and messaging. Nobody can beat that, although sprint is trying to compete with that with their 5 GB plan for $89.99- a good deal as well if you choose the Palm Pre.

Overall I like many of these phones. The iPhone is the gold standard that everyone tries to match-and that’s a big goal. The Palm Pre is an amazing phone for Sprint, Verizon has the Motorolla Droid which has gotten rave reviews, but I think I am still banking on Google with the Nexus One (until the next big phone comes out). Google is a great competitor in any market and I would buy stock in them any day.

So go check out these phones. Pick up an upgrade at your local phone store, though my links to Amazon or at Walmart and have fun playing with your new toy. That’s what it’s all about anyway. If we just wanted a phone to talk on we would just get a free one somewhere, but for most of us it’s not about talking any more, it’s about the convenience that you carry with you when you have your phone that surfs the web, plays games and has fun apps .


3 thoughts on “Nexus One vs Droid, Pre and iPhone

  1. This just in from T-Mobile. The phone will only be sold by Google for the time being and will come with one standard calling plan. It’s a 500 minute plan with unlimited text and Internet for $79.99/mo. The phone will retail for $180 with T-Mobile service and $530 for the phone without a service plan.

  2. nexus one…hate it hate it hate it. But only because i can’t get it i have a family plan so i can’t get it unless i change to an individual plan and pay more than i am for my g1 now. Also even if i did that i would pay 279 vs 179 because i have a t mobile account already, if you’ve ever had a t mobile account even if you still have it and are eligible for an upgrade. so yeah this is a really really super lame deal

  3. Hey check out something more about the nexus, it’s directly from Android M.

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