How to Choose a Better Vitamin

There are many different vitamins out there and many of them will do a job, but when I consider buying vitamins I normally want to get the best and get my money’s worth. And with a little research on my part I always get the best deal. This time, when I went online looking for vitamins it was for my pregnant wife. I wanted to find her a nutritional supplement that would be safe for her and not cause and extra morning sickness (often this is a problem with pre-natal vitamins). So after a little research I found one of my first details. Vegetarian prenatals are often less likely to cause morning sickness. After looking around on Amazon and many other vitamin websites I came upon this vitamin supplement called Maxi Pre-Natal by Country Life Vitamins. It is vegetarian, safe and I can say after purchasing it a good vitamin that I would recommend.

Now, I am recommending this vitamin because I bought it for my wife, but if you want to do a little research for yourself, here are a few tips to help you research your own vitamins.

1. Make sure your vitamins come in a dark bottle. Most vitamins are affected by light and can lose their potency if they sit in sunlight.

2. If possible it is best to buy liquid, liqui-gels or capsule vitamins. These are much easier for your body to use than a compacted capsule like you would find in a Centrum type vitamin.

3. When you open your bottle of vitamins smell them. If they have a smell that is another good sign of how easy your body will assimilate the vitamins.

4. Taste your vitamins. If they have a taste that is strong or weak they are likely a better vitamin. They just need to have a flavor (this will not be as easy to tell with capsules), but if you can taste your vitamins that means that the saliva in your mouth can break down the substance you are about to take. If there is no taste it is likely that the vitamin may be so compressed that you will not be able to break down the vitamin into its nutrients in your mouth or your stomach. And if you can’t break down the vitamins that means you won’t get many of the nutrients.


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