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Digital SLR – Nikon Olympus or Canon

The digital SLR world is becoming more popular. It used to be that only professional photographers had SLR cameras. These days they are becoming the norm for mom’s and parents of all demographics. In the past a simple 2 or 3 Mega Pixel digital camera was enough. It took fast shots and would allow a parent to go to their kids sports and take pictures. Today we have 10 and 12 MP compact cameras and their lack of speed forces parents to buy more expensive SLR type cameras so they can catch the high speed images of their kids sports games and just general play.

My family is definitely an average income American family. We are not rich and did not want to spend too much so I did the research to find what the best cameras were out there for the price. We found exactly what we wanted and hopefully the information below will help you as well.

Olympus E520
Olympus Evolt E520Without going into all the features of the camera, you can see those at Amazon if you click on the pictures, I will tell you the differences and you can pick which features matter to you. All the cameras are solid cameras and you will like each of them, the pieces that stand out with the Olympus are :

1. Self cleaning lens feature- It cleans each lens as it’s installed on the camera

2. Zuiko lenses- this pack comes with 2 lenses 14-42 and 40-150mm. These are nice high quality optics.

3. Live view mode- allows you to take pictures looking at the screen on the back rather than through a view finder- an option rarely seen on a camera at this price point. $499 at Christmas on Amazon with both lenses.

Nikon D40

NIkon D40 6.1The D40 is is a Nikon. That says a lot to most people but there are a few definite drawbacks to this slightly older 6.1 MP camera. It’s first is it’s age. It is a few years old. This was the original budget digital SLR, but along with it’s shortcoming come a list of other nice features.

1. When you purchase a Nikon you will have an unlimited number of lens choices for your future.

2. Being lower MP this camera will shoot and reshoot quicker than the others in this category because it will take less time to process 6 MP than 10 MP.

3. It comes with your first Nikkor lens 18-55 mm and the lowest price of the bunch at $445 on Amazon.

Canon Rebel XS

Canon Rebel XS 10.1The Canon Rebel is probably the most commonly known camera in this category. It’s really simple point and shoot and I believe was made to compete with the Nikon. It is not the fastest because of it’s 10.1 MP. It does not have the most lens choices, but what it does have is a great following and therefore shines as a quality camera. Here are features that make it stand out.

1. 9 point auto-focus helps the aspiring