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Givin up a traditional job to blog

Health of My Family - Givin up a traditional job to blog

A Special Workout Visitor

Keeping Motivated.

Yesterday, I thought my workout would be another day as usual. I planned to perform the 300 workout as usual. But… something different changed my workout. I had a little friend show up to motivate me. It was great. I have worked as a personal trainer for more than 15 years and I have always been the motivator, but yesterday I got a break and had another workout partner that motivated me.
It was a 7 year old named Jay. It was amazing. This routine has been kicking my fanny every day for the last 5 days, but the help of my little friend was really motivating. I not only did the normal workout, with him by my side, I also did the modified workout twice because he had so much energy to keep going.

Now, with most workouts, you would not be able to have a little kid work out with you. It would be very unsafe, but one of the unique parts of this workout is that it uses mostly body weight exercises that are safe for kids. In fact it is not only safe it for kids it is great for building confidence. Many people might be tempted to say that it would be tough to have your kid workout with you, but this time I thoroughly enjoyed it. He was fun up-beat and motivated em to do extra.

So what should everyone take away from this? The same thing I have been preaching for years. If you want a better workout get a partner that motivates you. Sometimes this is a personal trainer sometimes this is just a friend for the day. Either way, enhance your life and another’s by getting a workout partner. You’ll get in better shape and so will your partner.

Below are the 2 workouts again, because Jayden wanted to write them down. Thanks Dan and Wendi for loaning me your son last night.