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300 reps a day (pregnant) is no joke

Today my wife came in to the mix with me. We are both exercise fanatics and athletes. Technically, I am more of a has been in this field, but I still enjoy remembering my past life as a personal trainer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not old and dead yet, but I’m not the man I once was. I still enjoy being athletic, but I know I am not as young as I thought I was a couple years ago. That being said, I have no excuse now… Check this out!

My 5 month pregnant wife (with our 2nd) joined me on the workout today and showed me I wasn’t so tough. She came in like a pro and showed me how it was done. She is a real trooper and I am proud to call her my wife. I am not sure where she gets the motivation sometimes. One minute she is so sick that she can’t stand up and the next minute she is doing the 300 workout with me. Now this is no ordinary feat. Not just any person can do that without some preperation, but she did.

So now is when this exercise blog will start getting exciting. The plan is now to show you the pregnant-mom modified 300 workout. Starting in the very near future we will be posting images and details of how this workout can be modified and safe for a pregnant mother. The best part for me-I’ve got my workout partner back. Luv ya babe.

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4 to “300 reps a day (pregnant) is no joke”

  1. Dana says:

    hmmmm, sounds like fun. Let me finish my scone and i will join you.

  2. Linda says:

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